Work in Canada: Job application, Points test, and CRS

Canada has emerged as the top destination for skilled immigrant workers and professionals in recent years. It is specially chosen by workers seeking lucrative overseas career opportunities. On the other hand, Canada has a huge demand for skilled workers. The nation thus boasts of the best work culture, ambiance, and facilitation for job seekers. 

Indians offer priority to Canada over other nations due to the lifestyle and work environment. Many Indian-origin families have settled in diverse Canadian provinces.

Skilled workers in India wish to move to immigrate to Canada for multiple reasons including relaxed Visa policies of Canada. They are also attracted by the ideal work conditions and simple PR application process.

How to get job in Canada from India?

The process of applying for a job in Canada from India involves the following 5 steps:

Updated CV or Resume

An employer will first assess your CV or Resume before considering you for the job. It is thus necessary that your first impression is great. All your appropriate achievements and work experience inclusive of professional and personal must be included in the resume. Your Cover Letter has to explain explicitly your perfect suitability for that job.


Researching companies that you intend to apply for is quite important. The website of the company will offer you a broad idea regarding the work culture and job openings as well.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is a valuable tool that will assist you in your chosen job search. Diverse companies update their job openings frequently on their social media pages. You can also join such groups to connect with prospective employers.


Employers can obtain an enhanced perception of your profile and past work experience through strong references. It can be a highly valuable resource during a job search. You can go a long way in obtaining a job in Canada through references provided by your native nation’s employers. 

Follow up

Demonstrating a bit of enthusiasm and following up with the employer can highlight you in a competitive job market. You can show extra interest by following up after submitting your resume. A thank you post for their consideration after an interview may also help.

Points required for Canada PR

Express Entry System manages Canada PR applications from immigrants who can fill job openings. This is in instances wherein skilled Canadian workers are lacking. The system enables Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to positively evaluate, hire and choose immigrants. These are skilled and or have the appropriate qualifications specified for the 3 federal immigration programs:

·         FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

·         FSTP – Federal Skilled Trade Program

·         CEC – Canadian Experience Class

The Express Entry also consists of certain Provincial Nominee Program streams that are aligned with it. It permits these provinces and territories to select suitable candidates in the pool who can address their labor market gaps.  

Employers in Canada have a major role in the selection of economic class immigrants. They can access suitable immigrant candidates through the recently improvised Canada Job Bank. It can also be through appropriate territories and provinces where applicable.

You have to obtain at least 67 points or higher on a scale of 100 points before filing an application through Express Entry. The allocation of points is according to the 6 selection factors decided by IRCC.

You can qualify through the FSWP for Canada PR Visa if you score 67 or higher points. If your score is lower than 67 points, you will not be eligible for the FSWP.

CRS calculator

The Express Entry CRS Calculator will assist you in navigating through the Express Entry System. By providing answers to some simple queries, you can immediately obtain:

·         A preliminary assessment of the manner in which you can gain entry into Express Entry pool

·         A factor wise breakdown of points under CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

·         Some level of context on the likely performance of candidates having eligibility credentials and overall points

What is a fine CRS score in Express Entry?

A good CRS score is highly variable based on some factors. The pandemic resulted in several challenges to the immigration authorities of Canada. The invitations for Canada PR Visa have been limited only to CEC candidates as they are likely to be in Canada already. Along with these only PNP-selected candidates are being invited. Apart from concerns about the pandemic, there is also a huge backlog of immigration applications that need to be processed.

The Nationwide Visas CRS Calculator offers extra context to assist you in navigating through the immigration journey. It will also offer you an assessment regarding eligibility for entering the Express Entry pool. You will also get a breakdown of CRS and your competitiveness analysis depending on this score. 

Meta-description: Nationwide Visas CRS Calculator offers extra context to you in navigating through Express Entry, a breakdown of CRS & your competitiveness based on this score

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