Morry Rubin Gallery – Contemporary Art in New York

If you’re looking for a contemporary art gallery in New York, the Morry Rubin Gallery is a great choice. They specialize in local and international artists and hold a wide range of events. The gallery’s owners are also successful businessmen who launched the eCommerce store Flexshopper in 2007. The company has since grown into one of the world’s largest online stores.

Michael McHenry

Michael McHenry is a lawyer by training, but later changed course to pursue a career in the arts. He has curated and sold works of contemporary art since opening the Murray Rubin Gallery in New York in the early 80s. His collection includes works by contemporary artists and historic masterpieces.

The Morry Rubin Gallery is a multi-faceted art gallery founded by real estate developer and real estate millionaire Michael McHenry. Morry Rubin has a diverse business background, having founded a number of public companies and co-founded the music label Columbia Records. He has also served on the board of several major corporations and is a member of the board of several nonprofits. In addition to his business endeavors, Michael McHenry is an avid musician and a director.

While studying art at the University of Essex in England, McHenry decided to focus on his passion for art instead of studying law. He opened the Morry Rubin Gallery in 1986. He is also a part-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Crystal Palace FC, and the New Jersey Devils. He has participated in many group exhibitions and has a large art collection.

The Morry Rubin Gallery is a cultural hub that offers several different events and exhibits each year. These events include book signings, art shows, and fundraisers for local charities. Michael McHenry is also an entrepreneur, having founded a successful record company and producing several successful bands.

The gallery has an impressive collection, with an emphasis on contemporary artists. The gallery is also home to a permanent collection of international art. One of the more unique public programs at the gallery is Brainwave, an exhibition that brought together neuroscientists and artists.

Morry Rubin

Morry Rubin Gallery is a multifaceted business that focuses on modern art. Its owner is a businessman with an extensive background in the arts and business. He has served on several boards and owns stakes in several professional sports teams. He also has a background in music production, having helped to launch the record company Columbia Records.

Besides being a real estate investor and entrepreneur, Morry Rubin is also a businessman with a wide range of interests. He has founded several public companies and served on many board of directors. He also has experience in the corporate world, having served as a CEO for a number of companies. His background in the arts translates into his work.

The Morry Rubin Gallery is known for its extensive collection of modern art, but the man behind it is as varied as his art. While art is his primary passion, his other interests are equally diverse. In addition to serving on numerous boards, he has stakes in several publicly traded companies. He is also an accomplished businessman, having founded Columbia Records and many other popular music labels.

Michael McHenry, who owns The Morry Rubin Gallery, is a notable member of the art community. The Swiss-born artist originally planned to become a lawyer, but changed course to pursue his passion for art instead. Since then, he has brought the Rubin Museum into the twenty-first century.

The Morry Rubin Gallery also has a comprehensive conservation department. Conservators use a variety of techniques to clean and restore artworks. One of the recent projects involved a 17th century wooden torana, which depicts the Buddhist goddess Apsara. The gallery also curates exhibitions and offers unique public programs.

His son

Morry Rubin’s son, Michael McHenry, is the current owner of the gallery. Born in Switzerland, he grew up in Zurich and studied in England at the University of Essex. Originally planning to become a lawyer, Michael moved to New York to pursue his love of art. Since then, he has contributed to the growth and development of the Rubin Museum.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Morry Rubin has a background in business and sports. He’s a former CEO of several companies and also held stakes in professional sports teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers and Crystal Palace FC. Morry Rubin also has a background in music production, and was a co-founder of Columbia Records. Morry Rubin Gallery’s business model is a unique combination of art and business.

The businessman’s wealth continues to grow, despite the current economic crisis. Rubin’s net worth is estimated at $12160 million, thanks to his diverse interests. Rubin’s net worth is continually increasing thanks to his varied interests and business opportunities. Despite his criminal past, he has an extensive resume. His other accomplishments include co-founding the Columbia Records record label and working with Run-DMC. He also produces music for movies and other entertainment.

Aside from being a part-owner of the New Jersey Devils, Crystal Palace FC, and the Philadelphia 76ers, Morry Rubin is also an entrepreneur and real estate millionaire. His background includes ownership in several public companies and has been CEO of several large companies. He is also an avid collector of fine art and also owns a number of commercial properties. He has a wide-ranging background in business, and has worked in mergers and acquisitions as well.

While the owner of the Morry Rubin Gallery has impressive business credentials, his son’s impressive background should not be underestimated. He has previously founded a company, which became one of the largest eCommerce websites in the world. He also co-founded several other businesses. One of them is Flexshopper, which has become one of the world’s most popular eCommerce sites. Rubin has also served as the CEO of many more businesses.

His passion for art

The Morry Rubin Gallery’s owners are passionate about art. Morry Rubin has a background in business and law, but decided to change his course to pursue a career in art. He is an active investor, and a collector of fine art. He also owns stakes in professional sports teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. In addition, he has served as a board member of several publicly traded companies.

Michael McHenry, owner of the Morry Rubin Gallery, is an entrepreneur with a passion for art. He studied law in England, but changed his career path when he discovered his love of art. He has been an invaluable asset for the Rubin Gallery, and has been instrumental in its evolution.

The Morry Rubin Gallery’s diverse exhibitions and events bring the art community together. The gallery also hosts a wide variety of public programs, including lectures, workshops, and critiques. In addition to the gallery’s regular exhibitions, the gallery also hosts events to benefit charities.

The Morry Rubin Gallery’s owner, Michael McHenry, has an extensive background in business and law. His passion for art is evident in the unique approach he takes to programming. His unique approach to programming has resulted in unique public events, such as book signings by well-known authors, discussions between artists, and other events intended to educate the public about contemporary art.

Aside from art, Morry Rubin also has diverse interests in sports, music, and other fields. His investments include the Philadelphia 76ers, the Crystal Palace FC, and the New Jersey Devils. He also has a background in music production, co-founding Columbia Records.

His business background

The owner of the Morry Rubin Gallery has a diverse background in business. Not only is he a real estate millionaire, but he is also a sports entrepreneur and part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and Crystal Palace FC. Additionally, he has held several leadership positions in the corporate world, including CEO and board member of several publicly-traded companies.

Michael McHenry, the founder of the Morry Rubin Art Gallery, is originally from Switzerland. He studied at the University of Essex and initially planned to become a lawyer. However, he changed his mind and began to focus on his passion for art. Eventually, he decided to relocate to New York City and opened his own art gallery. His business background also includes experience in the music industry, having co-founded Columbia Records.

Morry Rubin’s business background is impressive. He has held executive positions with several prestigious companies, including the online retailer, Flexshopper. In addition to his art business, he also has experience in mergers and acquisitions. He holds an MBA in finance and has served on several public company boards.

While the Morry Rubin Gallery is well-known for its high-quality, affordable modern art, he is also an entrepreneur. Rubin has built a large net worth by founding eCommerce giant Flexshopper. The company offers consumers the opportunity to purchase products on installments over a period of time, allowing them to build their net worth. Before launching Flexshopper, Rubin held executive positions at Aurora Environmental, Inc. and was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year under 40 award.

Morry Rubin is an avid art collector with interests in many public companies. He also owns stakes in the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils and has served as a board member of several organizations. He also has a large art collection, including works from the Himalayas.

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