Everything You Need to Know About the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme is a government initiative designed to help people who need small amounts of support. 

There are a variety of services available to assist people in managing their daily routines.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme supports people in the following ways: 

  • transportation to doctors’ appointments and activities
  • domestic assistance 
  • personal attention 
  • household upkeep 
  • renovations to the house (e.g. getting a grab rail installed).
  • assistance equipment (e.g. bath seat, raised toilet seat, mobility aids).
  • Meals, assistance with preparing food and culinary skills, and nutrition advice 
  • nursing care
  • allied health services 
  • social assistance
  • respite care 

Home Help Services

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme is available to eligible individuals who require small amounts of assistance. The funds can be used to hire a range of home help services, including, home maintenance, meal preparation, and transportation and respite care. Home care services may also be used in the case of post-hospital discharge. To be eligible for home care services, someone must be over the age of 65, or have a disability that prevents them from doing things they used to be able to do.

The program is intended for those who only require one or two types of services, while others may require more. Funds can be used for home help services if they fit a person’s needs and preferences.

Out of Pocket Expenses

The Commonwealth Home Care Program pays for services and supplies in a person’s home. Depending on the type of support required, the subsidy is either 100 percent or partially covered. Generally, the subsidy is for personal care, home maintenance, transport, respite care, meal assistance, and other related services. If someone is on a fixed income and is unable to pay for the full cost of the support they need, they may qualify for this program.

What is The Difference Between The Home Care Package and the Commonwealth HSP? 

The Commonwealth Home Support Program, as its name implies, is designed for people with limited resources but need basic ongoing assistance. Home Care Packages, on the other hand, have a larger pool of funding to cover a broader range of needs.

Subsidised Service

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is a subsidised service that is available to people aged 65 and over in Australia. It was introduced in 2015 and replaced the Home and Community Care Program and National Respite for Carers programs. This service differs from other home care assistance programs in the form of service types and age eligibility. However, the general principle remains the same: to help older people remain in their homes, we need to support them in their own homes.

The aim of this program is to help older people stay independent and safe in their homes while maintaining social connections. The services provided through CHSP are not income-tested, and participants pay a small fee of $15 per hour for their assistance. 


The flexibility of Commonwealth Home Support Program services has been relaxed as a result of an independent review of the scheme’s effectiveness. Although full flexibility arrangements are not yet available to every service provider, they remain available to the right people. Under the revised scheme, service providers will have the full flexibility to adjust how they allocate grant funds and suspend or move services to another site. As a result, service providers are free to reassess their service delivery, as needed.

Service providers can offer either daycare services, overnight care or both. In addition to a range of low-level care, a home support service provider offers a range of activities.


The Commonwealth Home Support Programme is available for eligible people who need personal assistance in their home. This program allows clients to compare up to three service providers. The cost of services varies depending on the service. Some services are covered by the government while others are not. Clients can negotiate with their service provider to get a cheaper rate. In some cases, clients need to pay for building materials or consumable items used in the service.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program charges are based on the tasks undertaken. For instance, minor home maintenance services are charged at 15 percent of the total invoice. Personal care services are considered essential services. Support services are charged for half an hour and then in fifteen minute increments. The government does not charge GST on co-contributions to this program. However, if someone is a pensioner, they may need to make an extra contribution to cover some costs.

Become a Commonwealth Home Support Programme Provider

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