Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure – AZ-800 Exam Guide Book

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to take the AZ-800 exam. Read on to learn about the Objectives, Prerequisites, and preparation material you need for this test. The AZ-800 exam is a prerequisite for many positions, including system administrator. Microsoft has announced that the exam will go from beta to full release in July 2021. The beta test is only available for the first 300 people to register for the exam before January 10th, 2022.

AZ-800 exam

Look no further if you’re looking for a high-quality study guide for the AZ-800 Microsoft exam. The AZ-800 exam covers every topic of the exam and blends theory with practical exercises. It’s perfect for those who want to maximize their exam performance while honing their skills. You’ll learn about the most recent Windows Server and Azure versions and how to configure your network and manage resources in a hybrid cloud environment.

The AZ-800 exam covers essential topics and objectives, and DumpsCompany’s trusted preparation material includes an online practice test and practice questions. It also includes an updated exam syllabus and learning platforms. The AZ-800 practice test is available in windows and online versions, so you can use it to assess your preparation and see how you compare to the AZ-800 exam.


The Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure Mock Exam validates your knowledge and expertise in managing, deploying, and securing core Windows Server workloads in a hybrid cloud environment. The AZ-800 exam covers topics in identity management, computing, and networking. The course is designed to help professionals prepare for the AZ-800 exam and become certified as a Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate.

This certification is a must for those implementing and managing core Windows Server workloads in a hybrid environment. It is a prerequisite for the administration of Windows Server operating systems and is intended for those with a high level of technical knowledge. In addition, candidates must have extensive knowledge of the Windows Server operating systems. This certification requires hands-on experience with both on-premises and cloud solutions and knowledge of Windows Server management.

Candidates must possess knowledge of core Microsoft technologies, including Windows, Linux, and networking. Basic knowledge of core Microsoft technologies is essential for this certification. The course is intended for students with at least a bachelor’s degree in IT or equivalent. Whether you’re planning to work in the public or private sector, this certification will open up new career opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. The AZ-800 covers half of the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification requirements.


The AZ-800 exam is designed to test the knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server, Azure Services, and on-premises networking and storage. As a result, candidates should know about implementing identity services, managing workloads, and collaborating with others. The AZ-800 exam also tests the skills necessary to administer advanced Windows Server workloads. Listed below are the objectives of the AZ-800 exam.

– Learn how to configure Windows Server storage. The AZ-800 exam covers the major components and concepts of storage. It also covers cloud tiering, Windows Server file share access, and file screens. Besides, candidates will also learn about BranchCache, disks and volumes, Storage Replica, and Storage Quality of Service. After completing the exam, you will be able to create a cloud-based storage infrastructure.

The AZ-800 exam covers all the objectives of the AZ-800 Exam Guide Book for administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure. The test combines learning with practice. It also covers the essentials of cloud architecture, including Microsoft Azure. The AZ-800 exam will give you a solid foundation for the next steps as a cloud administrator or network engineer.

Preparation material

Microsoft AZ-800 Exam Guide Book offers you professional-level preparation for the test. It includes everything you need to pass the test. This exam focuses on the tasks required of a modern IT professional, including designing and implementing a hybrid cloud environment. This guide covers all the topics you’ll be tested on in the exam, from Windows Server to Azure AD.

AZ-800 exam questions require a comprehensive understanding of Windows Server, Azure Services, and other solutions. You’ll also need to know about on-premises network and storage solutions, collaborating with others, and managing your environment. The AZ-800 exam is divided into two parts, AZ-800 and AZ-801. Each assesses your knowledge of different topics, from a general overview to practice questions and a practice test.

Microsoft AZ-800 exam questions cover topics that are common in any IT environment. For example, you’ll cover the creation of sync groups, server endpoints, cloud tiering, and Windows Server file share access. Other exam topics will include configuring storage, BranchCache, and Storage Quality of Service. You need a score of at least 700 to pass this exam.

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