5 Best Apps For High School And College Students

Studying for your GCSEs or A-Levels may be difficult and even overwhelming at times – but don’t fear! Fortunately, there are a plethora of applications available to help you stay organized, motivated, and on track to easily achieve your academic goals. Students are worried about who will write my dissertation UK? Join us at Academic Inside 

Start started on the right foot by utilizing the finest that the technological world has to offer. When you’re organized from the start, you’re far more likely to construct a clear study plan and adhere to it!

To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top 10 studying applications to keep you in peak study form!

Apps That Are Beneficial to College Students

The applications recommended by educational technology professionals consulted for this piece are listed below. As previously said, the demands of different children vary, and selecting the ideal app will most likely necessitate some trial and error. These learning aids are free to users unless otherwise mentioned in the app descriptions below:

 Flashcards and Quizzes from StudyBlue

Flashcards are an excellent revising tool, and this app allows you to carry them with you everywhere you go!

You may make your own flashcards or explore StudyBlue’s collection of 500 million flashcards made by other users. You may quickly personalize the contents using visuals and music, making it very simple to study in a style that suits you.

You can also quiz yourself and monitor your progress to see how you improve over time, which is wonderful for motivation and shows you what you need to concentrate on.


If you want to learn in a social setting, this is the app for you since it allows you to connect and work with friends, classmates, and even students on the other side of the world!

You may participate in a plethora of Learning Groups on various study topics, share and upload materials, and get comments and advice from other students studying the same subject.

It’s visual, collaborative, and allows you to learn while on the go! GoConqr’s mobile service transitioned from a native app to a web app on May 1, 2020. More information may be found here, but in summary, it implies that the web app can be used immediately from your web or mobile browser and will never become obsolete.

Exam Countdown Lite

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your impending exams? This app serves as a visual reminder of all your impending key dates. You’ll stay focused since you’ll be able to easily see how much time you have to prepare before each exam. Are you looking for assignment help in London? Contact us at Academic Inside

We like how you can color-code all of your examinations and tests, as well as use icons as a fast visual reference for each topic. You may also include notes to remind yourself of anything you need to bring with you on the day.

My Academic Career

This calendar tool, designed for high school and university students, allows you to create your own timetable to simply keep track of your classes, assignments, and examinations.

It allows you to assign assignments to certain courses and includes reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything! It also has day and week rotation calendars, allowing you to simply add in lessons or examinations that you only have every other week.


Evernote is much more than simply a note-taking app. It’s the ultimate organizational program, allowing you to add to-do lists, photographs, URLs, memos, and more!

Whatever method you choose to keep yourself organized, we’re 99.9% certain this app has a function for it. You can type notes, handwrite notes and picture them, and save items as word documents or PDFs – it’s the only organizer you’ll ever need!

Choosing the Best Apps for College Students

Apps, for example, can assist students with time management, organizational skills, schoolwork, cooperation, and other tasks. In Watson’s perspective, applications that keep students on track can be quite beneficial, given that incoming college students are frequently disoriented.

“I believe that the most significant challenge for most students today is that they have really poor self-regulated learning capacities, which is due to the fact that our educational institutions — particularly our K-12 institutions – are very teacher-centered,” he adds.

Watson says that college students should assess their own skills and shortcomings to determine where they need assistance. buy dissertation from us

“Students must suggest areas for improvement, such as time management,” Jenna Sheffield, associate provost for curricular innovation at the Connecticut’s University of New Haven, said in an email. Students can then “investigate the effectiveness of various applications or platforms” to address those demands.

Sheffield says that college students frequently want assistance with time management and study abilities. She advises students to first investigate what free tools are available from their college before looking for applications on their own, citing her usage of Microsoft Planner, which connects to Microsoft Teams, as an example.

Experts advise students to look at reviews and the number of downloads when determining the worth of an app, but they should also question their peers and teachers about their own app experiences.

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